Children of the Recession: Volunteer Program Gives Shelter to Children in Need

I absolutely LOVE Safe Families for Children. I LOVE when the Church is the Church–the way it should be–reaching out of its double doors and stained glass and serving the community in tangible, relevant ways.

In Orange County, volunteers are opening up their homes and taking in children while their parents are in crisis. This is an alternative to foster care. This is NOT a government-run program. This is a temporary help (average length of stay for children is 45 days) provided by the church, with the goal of keeping families together. This is a collaboration between SEVERAL churches in Orange County, a short-term commitment with a long-term impact, to take in children whose parents need help getting back on their feet.
Churches offer alternative to welfare system families, church, program – News – The Orange County Register

And here’s a great video from CBS News about Safe Families.

Watch CBS News Videos Online


  • susanmarie April 9, 2010 Reply

    Oh WOW!!!!! Makes you cry. What a great program!!!!

    How heart-wrenching it must be to part with your kids for even a short period… but so much better than most of the alternatives…

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