house swapping

Talk about a cheap family vacation, I’m SOOO excited! … here’s the skinny … our friends from Westmont (who still live in Santa Barbara) posted on Facebook that they were looking to swap houses with someone in Orange County. I saw the post and thought, hmmm, we sure love Santa Barbara … can we make it happen? And voila, our first swap was last year, and our next swap begins … TOMORROW! 🙂

Santa Barbara here we come!

Of course a swap isn’t without some work, right? Sweeping the floors, cleaning bathrooms, changing linens, cutting up some nice flowers for the rooms, picking up oodles of toys and miscellaneous things sprawled about, cleaning out the fridge and pantry, and ALL the rest. But it will be so worth it! Santa Barbara is a 2 1/2 hour drive for us, and we’ll spend the week as a family in a comfortable home that belongs to friends we trust, laying on the beach, playing frisbee and smashball, reading, visiting with old friends, (and I plan a few Cabrillo Blvd. runs), and our only expense will be a bit of gas and the time it takes to prep my house for them! Not bad folks … not bad at all!


  1. have a great week!!!! I think it’s awesome that you can do this!!!! someday we have to get you down to our house in Mexico!!!!!!!

  2. How fun!! Chris and I often joke that it would be such fun to do that…but not sure anyone would want to vacation out here. hehe 🙂

  3. Sounds DIVINE!!!! Have a wonderful time – hope you find lots of rest!!! =)

    Do I get extra points if I incorporate your blog name into my comment?

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