What if We Live by Faith?

if GatheringWhat if we lived by faith and not by sight?

What if we could learn to see through the mountains and giants and sandstone cliffs that paralyze us from living the faith we claim to have? 

What if we learned to see this world the way He does?

I think about this, about my son, and her broken marriage, and a teenage girl who aches with depression, and I wonder whether I can ever learn to see the world through the eternal lens.  It doesn’t come naturally to any of us.

And then I sit in this crowded room shoulder to shoulder with a new generation of Christian women at the IF:Gathering, and I hear Jen Hatmaker speak truth.

Faith doesn’t erase insecurity, doubt, suffering or fear. It just overcomes them.

We shall overcome.

We need to be reminded of Truth.

We are not the only ones who are insecure.

We are not the only ones who doubt.

We are not the only ones who suffer.

We are not the only ones with fear.

 And we are NOT alone.

This is why I am here at the IF:Gathering in Austin, TX, and why over 100,000+ women from across the world are participating in IF:Local via {FREE} livestream.

We need to be reminded.

There’s an army rising up.

We are not in this battle alone.

There are hundreds of thousands of women just. like. me. who are journeying this life and living for a big, good God. I’m hopeful because of them. Because of you.

Women are ready.

Women are willing.

Women are gifted.

Women are called.

What if we really took God at His Word and believed what He said? What kind of mountains would we move?

Oh how I hope those of you who missed the IF:LOCAL would tune in today while you can, and participate in this movement of women wanting to believe what we know is true.  You are running alongside of me, and I am running alongside of you.

Let’s do this.

IF brave

what do you think?

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