Who I Am

Hi there!  I’m so glad you stopped by!

There are 5 bajillion blogs you could read.  If you’re reading here, I’m humbled and grateful.

I started this blog, “Finding Rest” in 2005 shortly after our second child was born.  Sleep deprived and freaked out by motherhood, I landed on my life verse, Psalm 62: 1-2: “My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him.  He alone is my rock and my salvation, he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.”

photo 1Today I have three elementary aged children, two by birth and one through adoption.  Being a mother is one of the greatest, hardest, most glorious “jobs” I’ve ever held.  I’ve also worked in the Christian non-profit sector, off and on, for the last 13 years, helping organizations like Insight for Living, Open Doors USA, Fluid Communications, and Amazima Ministries.  I’ve managed multi-million dollar budgets and revenue streams, product sales, major donor fundraising, direct mail communications, web and social media marketing, and donor care for large donor files.  But none of it compares to the joy and challenges of raising my three kiddos, Pumpkin (5th grade), Peanut (3rd grade), and Bean (Preppy K).

You can find me published at Christianity Today, RELEVANT magazine, Qideas, ChurchLeaders.com, House2House Magazine, SermonCentral, and Homefront Magazine.  I’ve also dabbled in several book projects.  My husband, Bookguy, owns a Christian literary agency (Yates & Yates) and serves as agent and attorney to many fantastic Christian authors and communicators.  His job affords me the chance to read MANY good Christian books {YAY!}, as well as often assist on the marketing and publicity of certain Yates & Yates projects.

I’m currently pursing an MA at Talbot Theological Seminary in Spiritual Formation. I’m working on tending to my own soul a little better, and learning to ‘find rest’ in my identity as a child of God.

Other non-essentials:

I love sushi.  If I was stranded on a desert island I would live just fine spearing all the fish in the deep blue sea.

I am historically 10 minutes late.  Even when I try to be on-time, I’m 10 minutes late.  :/

Big crowds, parties, amusement parks or any large social function requires a good face slap, glass of wine, or comrade to escort me.

I love playing the piano, singing, and sports (Denver Broncos Chick).  I’ve been a worship leader for nearly two decades.

Though I have some hard days, most of the time I’m a reflective, playful sort of person.

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