How Long? and Unbroken

How Long? and Unbroken

On a long run a few days ago I couldn’t stop thinking of Louis Zamperini.  I had finished Unbroken a week earlier, and I absolutely loved it.  Turns out there’s a reason it was a #1 New York Times Bestseller.  Part of that is Louis’ incredible story of survival and endurance and sheer luck.  And … Read More

Book Review: The Color of Rain

Book Review: The Color of Rain

Some people I know are food snobs.  Food is their ‘thing.’  They talk about it, plan for it, recognize quality, see its uniqueness, know chefs, dream of it, plan around it.  They pair it, stand in their kitchen for days prepping it, and savor every bite, comparing it to the last delicious morsel of the … Read More

Book Review: Loving Jesus, by Mother Teresa

You know a book is good when you tap your husband on the shoulder multiple times mid flight to read outloud a profound statement from its pages.  And so it was with Loving Jesus, by Mother Teresa. This little book of 165 pages is a compilation of addresses, speeches, sayings, and comments of Mother Teresa … Read More

One Thousand Gifts

My wonderful, blogger friends, to those of you mothers who are exhausted and desperate and willing, who long for those sweet, tender moments with your children, and pray for more beauty and more Jesus, and aspire, I mean truly want gratitude, soak up this video by Ann Voskamp, with excerpts from her book One Thousand Gifts. It … Read More

Book Review: The Next Christians: The Good News about the End of Christian America (Gabe Lyons)

In 2007, David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons wrote the best-selling book, Unchristian: What a New Generation Thinks About Christianity and Why It Matters.  If you haven’t read the book, let me give you a brief clip of an October 2007 review of it in Publishers Weekly: “Lyons had a gut-level sense that something was desperately wrong with young American’s view of … Read More

Joy Costs Pain

I’m reading Donald Miller’s book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, and I’m just loving it.  (I don’t care for the title at all though.  I keep forgetting it. I talk about it: “I’m reading a fantastic book right now: The Thousand book … it’s mustard yellow … has a bicycle wheel on the front cover …Donald Miller’s book, you … Read More

Same Kind of Different as Me quote

‘When we colored folks go fishin, we really proud of what we catch, and we take it and show it off to everybody that’ll look.  Then we eat what we catch … in other words, we use it to sustain us.  So it really bothers me that white folks would go to all that trouble … Read More