On Family, Restoration, and Thanksgiving

It’s another Thanksgiving and families are gathering.  They’re eating turkey drizzled with gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberries and green bean casserole.  Uncles and Aunts have driven miles, and cousins sit down at the table, and the same stories are retold over and over, with new exaggerations and details.  We might watch football, or play board games, … Read More

The mother of all lies: {in which I release you from owning your child’s behavior}

Off and on I’ve believed this lie about mothering: She is a “good” mother if she has “good” children. Admit it … you know you’ve thought it too.  🙂 Her kids are fantastic.  She must be a great mom.   Or conversely … Her kids are a nightmare.  She’s probably asleep in the minivan.   … Read More