Z while undressing getting into the tub “Mom, i need to tell you about the computer”“oh really? what about it?”“Well, there’s the screen.”“The screen? how do you know about the screen?”“And there’s a mouse.”“That’s right! There is a mouse!”“And the monitor”“Yes, there’s a monitor”“And there’s a CPU”“A CPU? HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT A CPU?”


We’ve been having so much fun over here these last few weeks playing with our old friend, Chalk. Z loves to practice writing his letters. So far he is writing Z, J, L, E, X, T, H, and O. Seems like he is in a learning window right now, because this normally squirly 3 year … Read More

potty question

We’ve established a pattern here folks. And we need to break this pattern. Seems like Z has an affinity for public restrooms. Anytime we go out in public, whether to Target, or dinner or the mall, he suddenly ‘needs to go to the bathroom.’ I take him, and he goes about 2 tablespoons, and spends … Read More

da weasel

da weasel

Alrighty then. Yesterday I return from my early morning walk and perched on the front porch of my house is a fluffy creature. He is sitting on his bottom like a dog waiting for a treat, and he is staring at me. (This photo isn’t him, but it is really darn close (except that this … Read More

why adopt?

The following excerpt is from the Southern Gables Church which has an adoption ministry. It is one of the things on which I am churning. Why adopt?a). adoption helps to meet the physical needs of some of the world’s most vulnerable, children;b). adoption into Christian homes places children, who might not otherwise have heard the … Read More

OK, lest you think I tortured our son into my boots, you should know that DADDY took this picture! 🙂 I am ashamed to admit how excited I am for TV to start again. Tonight begins American Idol, and though I usually start watching AI once they reach the top 10, I have little energy … Read More


WHY does she always poop during her nap?? WHY? Perhaps I am crossing a blog boundary to post about poop, but it has been nearly a week where she poops about 1.5 hrs into her 3 hr nap. (she is 20 months). She poops, then fusses for a bit, and is off and on sleeping … Read More

new league

Started a volleyball league a few days ago. OK, not started. . . . I mean, I joined one. This is a replacement to the Thursday night volleyball I used to play. Sad to see Thursdays go, but truthfully, i just am not good enough to play confidently with those caliber of players. i ‘think’ … Read More

on blogging

ah ha. well, i guess you get out of rhythm and its always harder to pick back up, yes? such is the case with blogging. cannot seem to think of anything to write, and just don’t. Susan, I’ve been chewing on what possession is a lifeline to my existence, and the only thing I can … Read More

happy new year!

happy new year!

Is it just me or is New Year’s one of the most anti-climactic holidays of all? We Yates had dinner out, got ice cream with the kids and watched a little Curious George before putting the kids down. Then the two of us decided to play a little Upwords watching Sienfeld reruns. Happy New Year! … Read More