Main Place

I went to Main Place mall today for some shopping. And while there, I did a ‘sense walk’, which, in this case, was simply choosing to note the thoughts going through my head and rest on them a little longer than usual. (Sense walks are usually not done in malls! Ideally you have space to … Read More

pillow time

pillow time

Zach loves to go into the living room, grab all the couch pillows (there are 8 of them!), strip all the couches of their cushions, and then roll around on all of them. He calls it ‘wrestling’. He brings his blanket and bear and hides under the mound of pillows for just enough time for … Read More

dream continued

OK, so I figured out two of my dreams: 1. to eventually visit many far away places. ski Bamf with Curt. La Brie in Switzerland. Vienna. Ireland. Fiji. Hong Kong. Argentina. Spain. South Africa. Safari somewhere safe. Smuggle bibles with OD. Israel and especially the West Bank. in the US, boston, chicago, the grand tetons, … Read More


Do you think most people can say they have a dream? Not have HAD a dream, like while sleeping. But do you think many people dream of what their life will be like, what they want to do, what they want to be, what mark they’ll leave on the world? A vision? Something to shoot … Read More

first haircut

first haircut

OK, so when reagan was 5 months old I snipped some long hair from the back of her head so she didn’t have a mullet. But otherwise, she just got her first official haircut at the salon. She did great. She was all smiles until the end when the stylist attempted to put a tight … Read More

I’m still awake . . .

I’m still awake . . .

It makes me so happy that we have such great neighbors. It melts my heart that my kids LOVE seeing our neighbors and talk about them almost everyday. Here is Zach playing with Brody. They are best buds. I think they think they are brothers. They play so well together. And here is Reagan with … Read More


so, we buy those alphabet cookies from costco. they are great because they not only taste okay and are not oreos, but they are letters, and zach loves to play ‘letters’ with his cookies. it gives us an opportunity to talk about the letter, do the sign for the letter, and talk about the sound … Read More

filtered streaming

Its 6:59 am, and I hear Reagan chirping away in her bed. I should go get her. But I’ve been meaning to post forever and everytime I’ve logged on, blogger has been slow. Curtis is golfing this morning. I’m glad for that–hope it energizes them. Thus begins my attempt to start thinking and moving about … Read More

i’m chewing on . . .

a dilemma that has come about as more and more of my friends’ kids are starting school, and everyone has an opinion about what school is right for their child. Do I enroll my kid in public education with how schools are today, curriculums, influences that you can’t control, drugs, weapons, other kids with same-sex … Read More