why i love the Feud

Top 10 reasons why I LOVE Family Feud 10. you get kisses every time you give an answer9. you bond with your family8. you likely win money7. it’s the worlds best guessing game6. you have to answer quickly5. SURVEY SAYS . . .4. who doesn’t like to be on TV?3. its free fun2. competition at … Read More

good baby = good mommy

good baby = good mommy

so, forgive me but this post will likely be more like a journal entry. but here goes. i have a baby who is horrible at taking naps. horrible. she is the cutest thing otherwise and i love her to pieces. but somewhere around 3 weeks ago, she decided she hates naps. (she is great at … Read More

the dreadful linger

one thing i love about our neighborhood (and there are many things) is the way we are so open to letting things ‘hang.’ by that i mean, we ask a lot of hard questions and rarely force conclusions. this is a great discipline for me because i am horrible at unanswered problems, emotions, and conflict. … Read More

when God speaks

so there was a guy my sophomore year in college that told me “God told me that you are going to be my wife.” He was a nice guy, someone that had been calling me long distance under the disguise of being my “friend.” Of course, God didn’t tell me that he was to be … Read More

long live the Church

I love this quote by Sheldon VanAuken, taken from “Under the Mercy,” . . . “It isn’t the enemy lurking outside the cathedral door that the Church needs to fear but the enemy within.” a great thing about working with Open Doors was the many Christians i met from varying cultures and countries. as a … Read More

ice cream and friends

So, it seems to me that one’s approach to friendship can be linked somewhat to his affinity for ice cream. I am committed to VBS=Very Berry Strawberry. It’s been my fav since i worked at Baskin Robbins at the ripe age of 16. But i also rotate a little GMR (Gold Metal Ribbon), JAF (Jamocha … Read More

family dinner

family dinner

curtis showed me a fantastic article from July 29 WSJ about the value of eating dinner together as a family (by Cameron Stracher). a tidbit: ” . . . dinner is like a formal poem, with a fixed meter and time. it can’t be hastened by new technology or emailed as an attachment to our … Read More

what i need

when i was in college and better at keeping a frequent journal, i used to submit entire entries wherein i listed praises to God. usually i did this when i was discouraged and trying to regain focus on all the reasons i have to be thankful. this post is the opposite. right now i am … Read More

family and fever

i’m so grateful for my family. for my husband and my adorable kids. (and extended fam too, of course). i broke out with a horrible fever yesterday and Curtis came to the rescue and watched the nuggets while i lay in bed, aching. in the middle of the night, i passed out on our bathroom … Read More

My hunt for rest

My hunt for rest

my search for rest continues now more than ever since i have a 3 month old waking up at least once a night and a 22 month old vying for attention. it’s been quite some time that i’ve been tired– both physically and spiritually. it takes me almost 30 minutes to fall asleep each night, … Read More