when God speaks

so there was a guy my sophomore year in college that told me “God told me that you are going to be my wife.” He was a nice guy, someone that had been calling me long distance under the disguise of being my “friend.” Of course, God didn’t tell me that he was to be … Read More

long live the Church

I love this quote by Sheldon VanAuken, taken from “Under the Mercy,” . . . “It isn’t the enemy lurking outside the cathedral door that the Church needs to fear but the enemy within.” a great thing about working with Open Doors was the many Christians i met from varying cultures and countries. as a … Read More

ice cream and friends

So, it seems to me that one’s approach to friendship can be linked somewhat to his affinity for ice cream. I am committed to VBS=Very Berry Strawberry. It’s been my fav since i worked at Baskin Robbins at the ripe age of 16. But i also rotate a little GMR (Gold Metal Ribbon), JAF (Jamocha … Read More

family dinner

family dinner

curtis showed me a fantastic article from July 29 WSJ about the value of eating dinner together as a family (by Cameron Stracher). a tidbit: ” . . . dinner is like a formal poem, with a fixed meter and time. it can’t be hastened by new technology or emailed as an attachment to our … Read More

what i need

when i was in college and better at keeping a frequent journal, i used to submit entire entries wherein i listed praises to God. usually i did this when i was discouraged and trying to regain focus on all the reasons i have to be thankful. this post is the opposite. right now i am … Read More

family and fever

i’m so grateful for my family. for my husband and my adorable kids. (and extended fam too, of course). i broke out with a horrible fever yesterday and Curtis came to the rescue and watched the nuggets while i lay in bed, aching. in the middle of the night, i passed out on our bathroom … Read More

My hunt for rest

My hunt for rest

my search for rest continues now more than ever since i have a 3 month old waking up at least once a night and a 22 month old vying for attention. it’s been quite some time that i’ve been tired– both physically and spiritually. it takes me almost 30 minutes to fall asleep each night, … Read More