What To Do When Your Child Cries "IT’S NOT FAIR"

I found myself ruffling through Siblings Without Rivalry yesterday, looking up equality and fairness.  Lucky Pumpkin was invited to the Angel’s game with Bookguy, and little Peanut welled up with tears and cried, “IT’S NOT FAIR.”  Now, here’s the thing … Pumpkin LOVES baseball. The first thing he does when he gets home from school … Read More

I’m just curious … where do you get your daily news?  Do you watch the news on TV?  Read it on the Internet?  Subscribe to a newspaper?  Listen to NPR?  Does the news come to you online or in hard copy or audio?  It dawned on me the other day that I learn about almost … Read More

the family calendar

the family calendar

Currently my calendar is one of the old school, wall calendars.  Could you IMAGINE if I had a New Moon calendar!?!  Hahahaha!  Nah, it’s actually a Westmont calendar.  🙂  And I don’t hang it on the wall, I seem to carry it with me up and down the stairs, in the office, the family room, in the … Read More

Mother’s Day

I wanted to write a tribute this Mother’s Day to my mom and to Bookguy’s mom.  I feel like my mother and my mother-in-law are very different as individuals, but they are both such remarkable women, and I am grateful for them.  For my Mother-In-Law, she raised FOUR children (along with Bubba, of course) to love God and … Read More

Who’s Opinion Matters Most?

I’ve been convicted lately about how much I want to be liked–how much the opinions of others matter to me, affect me, hurt me, change me, rattle me.  I want so badly to be accepted.  I try so hard.  But what for?  Whose opinion matters most? Seriously, as I started writing this blog post, I thought, ‘Make it … Read More