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I started this blog as a way to keep up with out of town family and better document our lives.  At that time I was trying to “be” with God and extend myself grace as I was an exhasted SAHM of two babies, (hence the title “Finding Rest” which I took from Psalm 62:1). And then … Read More

Is God Calling You To Adopt an Orphan?

How do you know if God is asking you to adopt a child?  First I want to address something: there are two camps of adoptive parents.  Parents who came to adoption through infertility, through a wound, through years of trying to conceive, through necessity as a way to grow their family, through disappointments and judgements … Read More

Creative Fundraising

Creative Fundraising

From the pier in Santa Barbara, you can toss coins and try to make a bullseye in this makeshift target. The homeless are getting creative. And that’s how stingy we are–that he dares us into ‘entertaining ourselves’ for his dinner. i’m ashamed.