Peanut turns FIVE!

Peanut turns FIVE!

I cannot believe my little girl turned five yesterday.  We had a great weekend celebrating her life, as well as completing the painting project I told you about.  Usually birthday parties in our family are simple dessert gatherings where we invite just family over to our house.  Once we met at a park to play … Read More

New household project: paint the house

My mom caught me candid on the roof scraping.  We’re working on a new project.  🙂  The paint has been peeling in one specific location on the front of our house, and we’re concerned our wood is no longer protected from the elements of Orange County (you know, it rains here every few months!  LOL)(plus it looks … Read More

Heaven and Dan O’Brien

I had the priviledge of being a part of Dan O’Brien’s funeral yesterday.  It was a beautiful service.  Dan was a father, grandfather, elder in our church, and an evangelist at heart.  He was pretty young when he died, in his early 60s. I came away from the funeral thinking about how I want to … Read More

something is coming … David Platt, Katie Davis, Dean Wilson, Jedd Medifind

I started this blog as a way to keep up with out of town family and better document our lives.  At that time I was trying to “be” with God and extend myself grace as I was an exhasted SAHM of two babies, (hence the title “Finding Rest” which I took from Psalm 62:1). And then … Read More

Is God Calling You To Adopt an Orphan?

How do you know if God is asking you to adopt a child?  First I want to address something: there are two camps of adoptive parents.  Parents who came to adoption through infertility, through a wound, through years of trying to conceive, through necessity as a way to grow their family, through disappointments and judgements … Read More

Creative Fundraising

Creative Fundraising

From the pier in Santa Barbara, you can toss coins and try to make a bullseye in this makeshift target. The homeless are getting creative. And that’s how stingy we are–that he dares us into ‘entertaining ourselves’ for his dinner. i’m ashamed.