I was praying months ago and my friend Dean came to mind. Over and over again while I was praying, the one and only Dean Wilson came to mind. (Dean is a good buddy from college and a good friend of C’s). Reflecting back, Dean came to mind many times over the last several months … Read More

helpless and innocent

helpless and innocent

I love animals. I really do. But I see commercials and campaigns from animal rights activists and the humane society to save ‘helpless and innocent’ animals, and I can’t help but think of the faces of the children I saw in Ethiopia. They lay in a crib waiting. They don’t have anyone. They are human … Read More

rare and ordinary

I am both rare and ordinary. I am one of billions of people roaming the earth. I am a speck. How much can one speck do? We are told and taught and inspired that one speck can do a LOT. We’re given role models and biographies of those that have impacted many-Martin Luther King, Hudson … Read More

photo editing

photo editing

I can’t stop smiling at the silly doctored photo my friend sent me! 🙂 HILARIOUS. She really loves me, can’t you tell? Edward, don’t worry. He means nothing to me. He’s just a friend. My best friend. And he’s going to fall in love with my half vampy, half human chucky-baby and we’ll all live … Read More

a good day …

How does a mother measure a good day? How does a Christian measure a good day? Today was a pretty good day until 4:45 pm when I lost my temper. I had bouts of impatience and frustration earlier in the day, but I stuffed it, found my self-control, redirected it, prayed through it. But at … Read More

Ethiopian adoptions

Yesterday I learned that Ethiopia has made a significant change to its adoption program. This change impacts so many of my Ethiopian adoptive friends who are in process, waiting for their referral or waiting to travel. My friend Charisa wrote this on her blog: “Ethiopia has ruled that adopting parents must travel twice. Once for … Read More

Katie Davis

C and I were talking about Katie Davis last night. If you haven’t read her blog yet, you must!! Read this entry first and you will be hooked. By God’s goodness and intervention, C is now representing Katie as her agent and attorney. It’s too long of a story to recount about God’s perfect timing … Read More

project fireplace

project fireplace

On our to-do list for the last 6 years has been the completion of our fireplace. When we moved in, we did a lot of work to our house (that is a bit of an understatement!). At the time we decided to demo the fireplace too, because, well, just look below and you’ll understand why. … Read More

Happy Birthday D!

My little D turned TWO! Can you believe it?! It seems like just yesterday we were in Ethiopia meeting him for the first time! And now he’s a TWO YEAR OLD! My D is a lively, happy, emotional nugget, with high highs and low lows. He is FULL of life and energy, and loves to … Read More