On Christian Celebrities: {and how we are all broken}

I write with trepidation, after prayer, on the micro-organism called Christian celebrity. It’s this quirky, strange subset of an ecosystem, this Christian marketplace, is it not?  It’s like Insectopia in the movie Antz — a glorified puddle we’ve made into a lavish resort, all our Christian conferences and books and tribes and superstars.  It swallows … Read More

In the Stillness

“Silent solitude makes true speech possible and personal.  If I am not in touch with my own belovedness, then I cannot touch the sacredness of others.  If I am estranged from myself, I am likewise a stranger to others.”   Brennan Manning ### There was that time two days ago when I tried to sit … Read More

The mother of all lies: {in which I release you from owning your child’s behavior}

Off and on I’ve believed this lie about mothering: She is a “good” mother if she has “good” children. Admit it … you know you’ve thought it too.  🙂 Her kids are fantastic.  She must be a great mom.   Or conversely … Her kids are a nightmare.  She’s probably asleep in the minivan.   … Read More

The Good Way

Stand at the crossroads and look;  Ask where the good way is, and walk in it, And you will find rest for your souls.   Jeremiah 6:16 ### Yesterday I wrote two two-page papers {I’m a frosh seminary student}: one on the current state of my prayer life, and the other on my understanding of … Read More

When I Was Nine

When I Was Nine

When I was nine (the age of my oldest, Pumpkin) … I rode my bike everywhere, alone.  Everywhere.  Across the busy street, round the corner, across another busy street, over a few speed bumps, arriving at a 7-11 where I’d buy more bubble gum than one could consume — grape Big League Chew was my … Read More