I’ve been told by my folks that I’ve always been a bad sleeper. It takes a long time for me to fall asleep and then many times I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble falling back asleep. It’s not atypical for me to wake up 3 or 4 times in … Read More

Chore chart

Chore chart

Our new chart is working out nicely!! The two big kids like having assigned jobs and they’ve been oh so faithful in doing what is asked. 🙂 I’ve read several parenting books that have been anti-rewards, anti-bribes. I hear what their reasoning is, really I do. BUT I don’t entirely agree. Lots can be learned … Read More


When in Santa Barbara, a good friend told me she appreciated my vulnerability on my blog. It meant a lot to hear that, since I try to walk a fine line with not appearing/seeming that my world is lovely and perfect but not wanting to barf my emotions into cyberspace to just anyone. That said, … Read More

Genesis 2

Our church did this very cool thing last Sunday. I thought you’d enjoy it!! Seriously, its pretty amazing to watch. I love visuals during church–I am such a visual learner. Genesis 2 – Sand Art from Calvary Arts & Media on Vimeo.

Santa Barbara

We’re having a great vacation in Santa Barbara. It’s been a nice time. Yesterday we spent over 3 hours at the beach and C & I managed to sneak in 20 minutes of smashball while the three nuggets played in the sand. It was the picturesque Santa Barbara day–just gorgeous–not too hot or too cold, … Read More

Best Idea EVER!

Best Idea EVER!

About a month ago my friend Kevin posted a status update on FB asking if anyone near Anaheim wanted to house swap. He & his lovely wife & two kids live in one of my favorite places EVER. Can you guess where? I answered straightaway and we chatted about our homes and shared pictures. And … Read More

explode or euthanize?

This is Z’s fish. His name is Esau and he is dying of cancer. I’m starting to think that one morning I’m going to find he’s exploded. Seriously, can that tumor get any bigger? Last night I was at my neighbors house with him and we were googling ‘beta fish belly bubble’. It was one … Read More