pictures & updates

pictures & updates

All taken by Michelle Sullivan. 🙂 As for other news, D is officially crawling everywhere. Our world is changing fast. 🙂 I’ve begun coaching the other children to shut bathroom doors, make sure to pick up toys, don’t leave out anything valuable, shut the door to your room, etc. D is delightful. I finally feel … Read More

i’ve been tagged!

i’ve been tagged!

I was tagged by my blogger buddies Dawn & Michelle. 🙂 I’m supposed to post the 4th picture from the 4th file in my photos and tell you about it. This is R in January 2007. Isn’t the hair groooovy? She was 1 1/2 at the time. Painting continues to be one of her favorite … Read More

more on Westmont

update on Westmont College: All fires on campus are out. There are hot spots being watched and managed. The students did well and are all safe. The protection plans worked perfectly under trully a worst case scenario. The Presidents home is in tact, but most of the homes on the street are gone. The North … Read More


it appears at least one dorm has burned down, and several buildings. students are safe.

URGENT-please pray!!

please pray for Wesmont College in Santa Barbara, CA. this is a special dear place, where i went to college, where i met my husband. its a small, Christian school of 1236 students, most of whom live on campus in tight knit community. a fire broke out in Montecito on the hillside right above one … Read More

leaf blowers

A while back my mom and i were talking about leaf blowers (which, btw, i thought for SURE must have been mentioned on a Seinfeld, but nooooo). 🙂 So here’s the thing [begin lighthearted soapbox]: you leave your yard looking lovely, but you blow all your leaves into the gutter or into the street or … Read More

asking for help

i don’t ask for help the way i should. i’d like to change this about myself. usually what happens is that i reach a boiling point of stress/panic/frustration and i burst. part of that is, like most every other mother out there, we have loads of things in our heads. Some of the things on … Read More