more on Westmont

update on Westmont College: All fires on campus are out. There are hot spots being watched and managed. The students did well and are all safe. The protection plans worked perfectly under trully a worst case scenario. The Presidents home is in tact, but most of the homes on the street are gone. The North … Read More


it appears at least one dorm has burned down, and several buildings. students are safe.

URGENT-please pray!!

please pray for Wesmont College in Santa Barbara, CA. this is a special dear place, where i went to college, where i met my husband. its a small, Christian school of 1236 students, most of whom live on campus in tight knit community. a fire broke out in Montecito on the hillside right above one … Read More

leaf blowers

A while back my mom and i were talking about leaf blowers (which, btw, i thought for SURE must have been mentioned on a Seinfeld, but nooooo). 🙂 So here’s the thing [begin lighthearted soapbox]: you leave your yard looking lovely, but you blow all your leaves into the gutter or into the street or … Read More

asking for help

i don’t ask for help the way i should. i’d like to change this about myself. usually what happens is that i reach a boiling point of stress/panic/frustration and i burst. part of that is, like most every other mother out there, we have loads of things in our heads. Some of the things on … Read More

to dream, or not to dream

hopefully this will come off the way in which its meant . . . i’ve been mulling on lately the ‘dream’ we’ve been given as females, as young children, and myself as a young girl. we’re told, we can do anything we set our minds to do. we’re told to apply ourselves, to work hard, … Read More

Apple Picking

Apple Picking

Apple Picking at Riley’s Farm! We had such fun yesterday. C stayed home from work, Z skipped Kinder and our whole family headed up the hill to Oak Glen for family day! It was the last official day of apple picking, and we purposefully went during the week to avoid the crowds. We were honestly … Read More


YAY for my blogger friends Michelle & Jana!! They got their travel dates and are FINALLY going to pick up their beautiful children. I am sooo excited for you!! Also I’ve enjoyed reading the Cosgrove blog, as they are currently meeting their precious daughter. Tomorrow I’ll post pics from our fun family day!! Z played … Read More