Several weekends ago we took the kids to Boomers. TOO much fun!! First, did you know that miniature golf is FREE for children under 5? YEP. We played 18 holes of golf for FREE and the kids loved it! 🙂 We also spent $5 for Z to ride the cars. He was the youngest kid … Read More

did NOT pass court

Some of you may have already read this in an email, but I just don’t have loads of energy, so I’m posting it here too. Dear friends, Well, we did NOT make it through court. D is not officially a Yates. I often fear that if I tell the hard parts of this adoption, that … Read More


First, thanks so much to Dee Dee, who gave us some new photos of D!! And several of him smiling! He looks so BIG in these photos! We’ve had some intense thoughts these last few days. I wouldn’t say they’re over. I feel a little like I’ve been clubbed over the head. But I DO … Read More

what i know

Thanks to all of you for your encouraging words/thoughts. Unfortunately, because AGCI asked me to be discreet, I can’t post too specific of details on this blog. How am I? OK, so yesterday was not good. Today I am significantly more analytical. I’m sticking to what we know, and doing my best not to worry … Read More

feelings & an end to the rumor

feelings & an end to the rumor

I’ve been waiting 67 days. i vascillate between having great faith knowing God is in charge of all parts of our adoption, and being, quite honestly, irked, frustrated, and discouraged. One minute you may call and I’m doing ok. I’m trying not to mope. I’m having fun with the kids. I’m distracting myself with dinners … Read More

A STEAL & collecting donations

A STEAL & collecting donations

So I’m sifting craigslist and I come across this: 6 unopened unexpired cans of Similac formula for sale for $40. 🙂 One can regularly sells for $18! And I jumped on it. I’m taking those bad boys to Ethiopia to feed all the babies while they wait for their forever family. 🙂 WAHOO! We’ve begun … Read More

Right now

1. What are you doing right now? reading blogs, doubting my phone will ring2. What time did you wake up this morning? 6:503. Quick, say a line from any song: This is the day, this is the day that the Lord has made4. What’s the last bone you broke? my wrist and my ankle (at … Read More